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NAACP Calling American Veterans the Backbone of the Tea Party Racist   1 comment

The NAACP, this week, went on national media denouncing members of the Tea Party as racist. The NAACP would not allow news groups to record their resolution vote making their statement official. The NAACP would only say to the national media was there could be racist supporters within the Tea Party ranks.

Tea Party members are calling on the NAACP to denounce it’s racist members and supporters. Racism has no color and it’s a two way street for anyone wanting to go down that road, said Mike Graham founder of United Native America and a Tea Party member.

African-American tea party candidates Erupted at Kansas City NAACP meeting over their resolution labeling the grass-roots conservative movement as “racist.”

Vernon Parker, an African-American tea party congressional candidate in Arizona, told Politico that he has not experienced the charges of racism that the NAACP is touting in the national media.

Vernon Parker, former mayor of Paradise Valley, told Politico that he has never felt out of place at a tea party rally because of the color of his skin. “When I go to tea party events, people don’t look at me any differently,” he said. “They didn’t judge me on the color of my skin, quite frankly, they judged me on my principles.” Vernon Parker went on to say “The NAACP should be concerned about bringing jobs to people in depressed areas.”

Another African-American tea party candidate, Tim Scott, a GOP congressional nominee in South Carolina, echoed Parker’s sentiments in a statement to Politico.

Tim Scott stated “I believe that the NAACP is making a grave mistake in stereotyping a diverse group of Americans who care deeply about their country and who contribute their time, energy and resources to make a difference,” Scott said. Americans clearly see the NAACP’s attempt to smear the Tea Party. American voters are not news network zombies, they live in the real world, not the media projection of it.

Tea Party officials stood up to the NAACP by calling their statement flat out false and misguided. Members of the Tea Party see it as a democratic political party attack with the support of the NAACP to cause public image damage to their national group and movement.

What is not being reported in our national mainstream media, is the fact that the backbone of the Tea Party membership and supporters is our nations veterans, service members and their family members of all race in America. Veterans and Americans serving our nation today with the support of their family members make up the vast majority of the Tea Party movement.

The NAACP actions against the Tea Party is not going over well with Americans regardless of race or their political affiliation, and has opened the door for question about who is running the NAACP; their members and supporters. The fact that the NAACP is a race-based group, their political denouncement of the Tea Party only further diminishes their image and ability to bring people together.

It’s a well known fact that Tea Party members and supporters are a cross of all races, ethnic groups and political parties in America. It’s also a fact that a Black man Tea Party supporter was brutally beaten by Black union members bussed in to protest against A Tea Party event. NAACP members said he had it coming because he was selling tee shirts of Obama they did not like; that court case is still pending.

It’s also a fact that the Black Panther Party and the New Black Panther Party members support the NAACP and attend their events. The NAACP is also supported by the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus that does not allow any other race of elected congressional members of congress to join their caucus in solidarity.

This goes to the heart of the NAACP credibility in American society today, over their failure to reach out to Tea Party leadership first; before playing the race card for news headlines with a statement that would cast a blanket condemnation over a group made up of all walks of Americans when they themselves should be looking at their own members and supporters and their actions against others at events.

Tea Party members have no problem stating their cause and that is for our elected federal government representatives to govern from the Constitution of the United States Of America. They also demand that our elected representatives adhere to their issues and community needs to include the defiance of our country.

Americans will not stand for a government that’s run with an in-your face agenda as to how America should be governed, and what rights citizens should or will not have or laws that will be enforced solely on the political party in office. Enforcement of our nation’s laws for all Americans are a must. Tea Party members demand that their elected representatives honor their oath to the American citizens and our nation.

If the NAACP wants to stay relevant to it’s founding peaceable and cause they should be reaching out to all groups that support a strong and free America; that would include the Tea Part movement, not politically back-stabbing them with an unfounded national media racist smear campaign.

Reports have proven that political left wing fringe groups have tried to infiltrate Tea Party movement events to cause trouble and conduct racist acts that would be blamed on the movement’s membership and leaders. This action against the Tea Party gets very little national media air time, but Americans see what is being done to try and destroy the movement and it only makes them more determined to reach out to others to join them and stand united to take back our government; for the people, by the people of America.

The NAACP should come off it’s democrat party soap box and join Americans standing up for our country and it’s citizens regardless of race, and stop playing the race card at the drop of the hat. The direction the NAACP is going now against the Tea Party is wrong and history will prove them wrong. The Tea Party and NAACP should be allies in this fight to save our nation and way of life under the freedoms we have as Americans.

Both groups, Tea Party and NAACP should join forces in standing up against government oppression and restrictions of our civil liberties given to all Americans under our declaration of independence and constitution.

The vast majority of Americans support the Tea Party in saying our federal and state governments are out of control and not listening to us. Americans are fed up with Democrats and Republicans in office not doing their job for the people and our nation. American citizens need to unite and take a stand in telling our elected representatives how we want America run and taken care of for future generations, not the other way around. Americans are demanding a stop to the out of control “wasteful spending” and deficit that is threatening our ability to defend our home land.

The Tea Party’s real movement will be this November, with the mid-term election at the voting polls, and march forward growing stronger, focused on the 2012 election.

Tea Party members and supporters are calling on the NAACP to rescind it’s ill-conceived resolution and join the movement in solidarity for a better United America for all citizens.

Mike Graham, Founder United Native America
Service connected disabled veteran
Citizen Oklahoma Cherokee Nation and America


President Obama allowed gulf oil to hit coastal shores and wildlife reserves   Leave a comment

President Obama, in his own words, is on record stating that letting the gulf oil come ashore was a good thing. He told gulf coast citizens the beaches could be cleaned up easier. President Obama went on to state, if he could, he would swim down and close the oil well off. Obama also stated if he could suck the oil up from the well with a straw he would. Those kind of statements from our President truly added insult to injury to gulf coast citizens because they know Obama did not do his job in stopping or putting up a fight to stop the oil from coming onto their coast line in the first place.

President Obama is now declaring war on the gulf coast oil disaster after two months has passed. The damage has already been done; it’s too late to call for a war Mr. President. You were missing in action from day one. President Obama is fighting this so-called oil war like the federal government did the Vietnam War.

Americans get it, the oil flow will not stop until another well is completed. Americans get it that President Obama did not do his job in stopping the oil from coming ashore. Americans get it that Obama was wrong in putting BP in charge of the oil cleanup. Americans also get it that the national media is giving Obama a free pass for his failed leadership in this oil crisis by keeping the focus 100% on BP. BP’s only job right now should be getting the oil well capped!

From the beginning of this oil disaster, gulf coast citizens and their elected state representatives have looked to President Obama for leadership and for him to send them federal supplies and put boots on the ground to stop the oil from reaching their beaches, inland waterways and natural wildlife reserves all along the gulf coast. This has not happened to date. In fact, oil booms and skimming ships were taken from the state of Alabama and sent to Louisianan after the fact. Most all Louisiana beaches and wildlife reserves were already oil soaked. Alabama was then hit with the oil slime, and citizens did not have any equipment on hand to save their coastline. President Obama allowed this action to repeat itself all the way to Florida beaches.

In every news report coming out of the gulf coast for the past two months citizens were crying for Obama to send them oil booms and oil skimming ships to stop the oil from hitting the shore and destroying their lives. All they heard or got from Obama was; it’s all BP’s fault, BP is in charge of the oil clean up and BP will pay for the oil cleanup. Obama’s handling of the oil crisis in this manner kept the national news media reporting his words, it’s all BP’s fault. That insured the blame game would stay focused on BP and give him a free pass by keeping his finger pointed at BP, not himself.

President Obama made it a point to turn down international help from countries that could have brought in much needed oil booms, larger oil skimming ships and experts to deal with keeping oil from reaching gulf coast beaches and shoreline. Obama made it a point not to sign a waiver of the Jones Act that would have allowed ships from other countries to enter U.S. waters with supplies to help out in the oil disaster.

This action from President Obama leaves no doubt he allowed the gulf coast shore oil disaster to happen. Obama knew his actions would destroy the gulf coast fishing industry, small businesses, tourism, and by his placing a six month ban on offshore oil drilling, tens of thousands of jobs would be lost. With the oil disaster about to enter its third month, Obama still has not had one oil well inspected and cleared to restart oil production.

It’s inconceivable our President would do something like this on purpose for no reason, but his words and actions are now on record. President Obama made it a point just weeks into the oil disaster to send his Attorney General Eric Holder, in person, to the gulf coast to make a national statement that he was going to investigate BP for criminal charges. This action from Obama caused BP’s stock to drop almost one hundred billion dollars and it’s still going down and oil is still washing ashore in four gulf states under Obama’s leadership.

Reports are claiming Obama is not letting ships from other countries help in the oil cleanup because he is protecting union jobs in the cleanup. If this is true, their should be an impeachment hearing of President Obama. That would be a direct violation of Obama’s Presidential oath to all American people.

President Obama, with the support of national media groups, demonizing BP to the point gas stations with BP’s name on them are being attacked; has forced BP to setup an account with twenty billion dollars for starters for oil cleanup and recovery cost; on it’s face that sounds good. But now, Obama democrats have a free pass to the BP account to drain it, at will for whatever they say needs recovered. Obama democrats in TV press reports are repeatedly stating BP is their cash cow to bleed or destroy at will.

Even though President Obama nor Congress has the legal power to force BP to set up an open ended cash account, it’s now a forced done deal. Corporations doing business with America and others companies around the world see the writing on the wall. The Obama government can and will take them over at the drop of a hat. This unprecedented action by President Obama and the federal government will have longer economic repercussions for all Americans than the gulf coast oil disaster. If you think good paying jobs have been leaving America because of this federal governments one-sided free trade policy, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Mike Graham, Founder United Native America
Citizen Oklahoma Cherokee Nation