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Constituting America We The People 9.17 Youth Contest

We The People 9.17 Contest

Join us in our mission to
Reach, educate and inform America’s youth and her citizens about the importance of the U.S. Constitution and the foundation it sets forth regarding our freedoms and rights.

Please encourage the young people in your life to sign up online ASAP for the “We The People 9.17 Contest.” We need lots of cool short films, PSA’s, songs, essays, poems and holiday cards to make the contest a success!!

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Obama Refusing To Prosecute Two In Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case   Leave a comment

Fox News exclusive: DOJ attorney quits and becomes whistle blower in New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case

Former DOJ Attorney Makes Explosive Accusations Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case

“Security” patrols stationed at polling places in Philly: Black Panther Voter Intimidation Case


Eric Holder Drops Charges on Black Panthers for Voter Intimidation – Bill O’Reilly Reports

Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder:

Attorney General Eric Holder, I believe for political reasons, has dropped all charges relating to the Black Panthers voter intimidation in last falls Presidential election. Why would he drop such an open and shut case? The Black panthers never even showed up to defend themselves. There was no way that the government was going to lose this case, unless of course they were to drop all charges, which is what they did, but why?

I believe that Obama and Eric Holder didn’t want to alienate their core voters by going after the “New” Black Panthers. And sense they knew that the mainstream news media is in their back pocket, and therefore would not report on it, they just dropped the charges, why would they not? You might think that they would care about equal protection under the law, and just the rule of law in general, but it is apparent that they do not. It is obvious to me that they couldn’t give a flying flip about the rule of law; they do as they please.

If you think about it, the underlying reason that this was not prosecuted is because it was a case where white people were intimidated to vote a certain way, or to not vote at all. I’m not sure if you have noticed it or not, but the “progressives” are not concerned in the least about protecting the rights of anyone who is white; they could care less. They do not apply the law equally, but instead they use it to their advantage in order to further their political goals, one of which is to dismantle the power structure in this country as it now exists.

It looks like Eric Holder is as much of a fraud as Barack Obama is; they are like two peas in a pod, they compliment each other perfectly. They should have great success over the next four years unraveling our Republics core legal principles; of this I have no doubt.

Dept. Of Justice Drops New Black Panthers Case

Sources told The Bulletin that there is internal dissension in the Department of Justice (DOJ) about a voter intimidation case from last years presidential election. Obama appointees did not want to proceed with the case, while the career prosecutors did. The incident occurred in Philadelphia and involved the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (NBPPSD).

The DOJ filed a lawsuit under the Voting Rights Act against the NBPPSD and three of its members alleging the defendants intimidated Philadelphia voters during the Nov. 4, 2008 general election. The action was filed in January before President George W. Bush left office.

The complaint, filed in the United States District Court in Philadelphia, alleged that on Election Day, Nov. 4, 2008 in Philadelphia, NBPPSD members Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson were stationed at the entrance to a polling location at 1221 Fairmount Avenue, wearing the uniform of the organization. It also states Mr. Shabazz repeatedly brandished a police-style baton weapon.

The complaint said NBPPSD Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz confirmed that the placement of Messrs. Shabazz and Jackson was part of a nationwide effort to deploy NBPPSD members at polling locations on Election Day. The Justice Department sought an injunction to prevent any similar future actions by NBPPSD members at polling locations.
Intimidation outside of a polling place is contrary to the democratic process, said Acting Assistant Attorney General Grace Chung Becker at the time. The Department takes allegations of voter intimidation seriously.

None of the defendants responded to the lawsuit. Instead of immediately filing for a default judgment as is the normal procedure, sources told The Bulletin the DOJ asked for and received an order from the court providing an extension of time to file. Specifically, they asked the court to give them until May 15.

But on May 15, DOJ changed its mind again. Rather than a default judgment, the DOJ filed a notice of voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit for two of the defendants. This included Mr. Jackson, who identified himself to police as a member of the Democratic Committee in the 14th Ward. He also produced credentials to that effect.

It is absolutely unprecedented for the Justice Department to dismiss a lawsuit after the defendants failed to answer the suit and are thus in default,” he said.

Mr. von Spakovsky said that the NBPPSD’s lack of response was the legal equivalent of an admission of all theallegations made about the defendants organized effort to threaten and intimidate voters.

“And dismissing an individual who was a local Democratic party official who defaulted by not answering the complaint smacks of the worst sort of political partisanship,” he said. “It is completely contrary to all of the promises that Eric Holder made when he was confirmed to be Attorney General…..…

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President Obama Turning Afghanistan Into Another American Vietnam War   Leave a comment

President Obama accepting General Stanley McChrystal’s resignation over his statements reported in Rolling Stone magazine was done so just to save political face. General McChrystal speaking out was a wake-up call to Congress and Americans about the Obama administration’s mishandling of the Afghanistan government and war. General McChrystal is Obama’s second general to be relieved from command in Afghanistan.
General McChrystal stood up for U.S. Troops on the ground in Afghanistan. General McChrystal’s words brought world attention to the Obama-Biden administration’s failing Afghanistan policies. Now Congress and Americans have to take a for-real look at Obama’s overall plans for the Afghanistan government and building  the Afghanistan army. His words also block’s Obama from pointing his finger at Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai and laying any failures or troop losses solely on him. Now the Obama administration’s credibility is soundly on the line for Afghanistan and its future. Now there will be no cut and run for President Obama and his supporters; not after almost ten years of war and over a trillion U.S. tax dollars.

Vietnam was a Washington-run political war, it was politically lost. U.S. troops won that war everyday they were on the Battlefield only to have politicians in Washington cut and run denying our troops a victory.      
After President Obama announced General Petraeus would be in charge of his Afghanistan war plan, national media groups like CNN and Fox spent the day praising Obama. They called Obama’s decision nothing short of brilliant. Americans remember a 2007 advertisement in the New York Times by democrats stating “General Petraeus or General Betray Us?” plus, then Senator Obama denouncing General Petraeus and his war plan for Iraq and a heavy dose of Bush bashing.  
How times have changed. Now it’s up to General Petraeus to save President Obama and Vice President Biden’s political backside from losing control of the Afghanistan war.
President Obama’s new war plan for Afghanistan however; will not destroy the Taliban or Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terrorist group. Nor will President Obama’s war plan secure Afghanistan’s government within a year as his stated plans are to start pulling U.S. troops out in July 2011. President Obama’s Afghanistan war plan over the next year will unfortunately add around 5,000 more U.S. troop casualties and three times that many with severe injuries. 
President Obama and Vice President Biden have given al-Qaeda and Taliban forces a year to prepare for U.S. and NATO troops buildup in Afghanistan. They were not ready to deal with Afghanistan in 2009. Obama’s Afghanistan war plan as it stands now, does however have all the historical ingredients in place and earmarks of another U.S. Custer last stand.
It’s a fact, over the past year Iran has been training al-Qaeda and Taliban forces for the Afghanistan show down. Iran is arming these terrorist groups and others with more powerful, armor-piercing, roadside bombs. Reports coming in now are stating these roadside bombs are taking a heavy toll on U.S. troops.      
For decades, our federal government has had in place a no-fly order between America and North Korean citizens. That order should be in place now between America and Middle Eastern countries that support or harbor terrorist groups within their borders. That would stop major terrorist cell group members from entering America and the free-world at will as they are now. Ask yourself why has America and free-world governments not enacted this kind of no-fly policy for Middle Eastern countries? 
General Stanley McChrystal may be a four star general, but he’s a five star American; for his sound military leadership and service to our country and for standing up and telling it like it is as to President Obama and Vice President Biden’s detached leadership and interest concerning the Afghanistan war and their not being soundly committed to destroying terrorist cells globally, period. General Stanley McChrystal is a true hero to our nation’s veterans and military family.
President Obama nor Vice President Biden were prepared to deal with all the inhuman realities of waging war against Middle Eastern terrorist groups dedicated 24/7 from 9-11 to destroying America and the free-world. Our nation’s top two elected leaders have let it be seen in the national media that they really do not want to deal with real military matters.
In 2009 U.S. Troops on the Afghanistan battle field watched and waited as President Obama and Vice President Biden took four months to decide what their “new” Afghanistan war plan and troop level would be. Then they were told President Obama’s war plan would not take place till mid 2010. Obama and Biden should have been ready from day one in office to reinforce U.S. troops in Afghanistan ensuring the destruction of al-Qaeda and Taliban forces.
Until President Obama sends U.S. Troops into Pakistan to destroy al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists, there’s no way Afghanistan or America will ever be totally secured. It’s past time for Washington to take the gloves off and allow our military to destroy Middle Eastern terrorist groups.         
This is why our troops morale is so low and the all-volunteer Army program is not working in retaining qualified soldiers. This is also why the military has had to order U.S. Troops to serve past their enlistment time. Most all U.S. Troops today have had to serve four or more times in Iraq or Afghanistan. Some American soldiers are reported having to serve as many as seven or eight times in country.
Americans are demanding that President Obama and our elected Congress members stop all the political in-house fighting and get focused on destroying Middle Eastern terrorist groups attacking America and the free-world!
U.S. Troops will do their job for Afghanistan, now we will see if President Obama, his team and our Congress members will do their job for Afghanistan and our troops.
Mike Graham Founder United Native America
Citizen Oklahoma Cherokee Nation
Service Connected Disabled Veteran 1971-1979  

President Obama allowed gulf oil to hit coastal shores and wildlife reserves   Leave a comment

President Obama, in his own words, is on record stating that letting the gulf oil come ashore was a good thing. He told gulf coast citizens the beaches could be cleaned up easier. President Obama went on to state, if he could, he would swim down and close the oil well off. Obama also stated if he could suck the oil up from the well with a straw he would. Those kind of statements from our President truly added insult to injury to gulf coast citizens because they know Obama did not do his job in stopping or putting up a fight to stop the oil from coming onto their coast line in the first place.

President Obama is now declaring war on the gulf coast oil disaster after two months has passed. The damage has already been done; it’s too late to call for a war Mr. President. You were missing in action from day one. President Obama is fighting this so-called oil war like the federal government did the Vietnam War.

Americans get it, the oil flow will not stop until another well is completed. Americans get it that President Obama did not do his job in stopping the oil from coming ashore. Americans get it that Obama was wrong in putting BP in charge of the oil cleanup. Americans also get it that the national media is giving Obama a free pass for his failed leadership in this oil crisis by keeping the focus 100% on BP. BP’s only job right now should be getting the oil well capped!

From the beginning of this oil disaster, gulf coast citizens and their elected state representatives have looked to President Obama for leadership and for him to send them federal supplies and put boots on the ground to stop the oil from reaching their beaches, inland waterways and natural wildlife reserves all along the gulf coast. This has not happened to date. In fact, oil booms and skimming ships were taken from the state of Alabama and sent to Louisianan after the fact. Most all Louisiana beaches and wildlife reserves were already oil soaked. Alabama was then hit with the oil slime, and citizens did not have any equipment on hand to save their coastline. President Obama allowed this action to repeat itself all the way to Florida beaches.

In every news report coming out of the gulf coast for the past two months citizens were crying for Obama to send them oil booms and oil skimming ships to stop the oil from hitting the shore and destroying their lives. All they heard or got from Obama was; it’s all BP’s fault, BP is in charge of the oil clean up and BP will pay for the oil cleanup. Obama’s handling of the oil crisis in this manner kept the national news media reporting his words, it’s all BP’s fault. That insured the blame game would stay focused on BP and give him a free pass by keeping his finger pointed at BP, not himself.

President Obama made it a point to turn down international help from countries that could have brought in much needed oil booms, larger oil skimming ships and experts to deal with keeping oil from reaching gulf coast beaches and shoreline. Obama made it a point not to sign a waiver of the Jones Act that would have allowed ships from other countries to enter U.S. waters with supplies to help out in the oil disaster.

This action from President Obama leaves no doubt he allowed the gulf coast shore oil disaster to happen. Obama knew his actions would destroy the gulf coast fishing industry, small businesses, tourism, and by his placing a six month ban on offshore oil drilling, tens of thousands of jobs would be lost. With the oil disaster about to enter its third month, Obama still has not had one oil well inspected and cleared to restart oil production.

It’s inconceivable our President would do something like this on purpose for no reason, but his words and actions are now on record. President Obama made it a point just weeks into the oil disaster to send his Attorney General Eric Holder, in person, to the gulf coast to make a national statement that he was going to investigate BP for criminal charges. This action from Obama caused BP’s stock to drop almost one hundred billion dollars and it’s still going down and oil is still washing ashore in four gulf states under Obama’s leadership.

Reports are claiming Obama is not letting ships from other countries help in the oil cleanup because he is protecting union jobs in the cleanup. If this is true, their should be an impeachment hearing of President Obama. That would be a direct violation of Obama’s Presidential oath to all American people.

President Obama, with the support of national media groups, demonizing BP to the point gas stations with BP’s name on them are being attacked; has forced BP to setup an account with twenty billion dollars for starters for oil cleanup and recovery cost; on it’s face that sounds good. But now, Obama democrats have a free pass to the BP account to drain it, at will for whatever they say needs recovered. Obama democrats in TV press reports are repeatedly stating BP is their cash cow to bleed or destroy at will.

Even though President Obama nor Congress has the legal power to force BP to set up an open ended cash account, it’s now a forced done deal. Corporations doing business with America and others companies around the world see the writing on the wall. The Obama government can and will take them over at the drop of a hat. This unprecedented action by President Obama and the federal government will have longer economic repercussions for all Americans than the gulf coast oil disaster. If you think good paying jobs have been leaving America because of this federal governments one-sided free trade policy, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Mike Graham, Founder United Native America
Citizen Oklahoma Cherokee Nation

Native American TV programs 24 hours a day coming   1 comment

Native American TV

San Bernardino, Calif.-based KVCR TV, a PBS affiliate, in partnership with the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, will roll out a television channel that broadcasts Native American programs 24 hours a day.
This first-of-its-kind channel, scheduled to launch next spring, will focus on Native American and Alaska Native history, culture and current events.

While programming still needs to be developed by the channel’s operations board, which has not been put together yet, Kenneth Shoji, a spokesperson for the tribe, told AIR, “It is envisioned that shows will run the gamut, from documentaries, films, news programs, entertainment, sports and special programs in multiple genres.”

The channel will not be commercial-free. Shoji said it will be consistent with FCC rules and PBS underwriting guidelines, which allow sponsor statements to precede or follow programs.

The channel is being funded by a $6 million donation from the San Manuel. It will be paid to the station in annual installments during the first three years of operation.

KVCR, which serves the Los Angeles market, is owned by the San Bernardino Community College District. The San Manuel’s 800-acre reservation is located just north of Highland. The owner/operator of San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, the tribe is one of the largest employers in the Inland Empire.

This is not the first time the tribe and station have worked together. The tribe recently contributed $1.5 million to KVCR so that it could purchase new digital master control equipment and convert from analogue to digital broadcast and expand from one to six channels. They have also partnered in the development of radio and television programs, including a three-part, 12-episode documentary called People of the Pines.

James Ramos, the tribe’s chairman, said in a press release announcing the channel that partnering with KVCR supports the tribe’s mission of eradicating stereotypes that often stem from inaccurate depictions of American Indians in commercial television.

“Supporting this endeavor will help achieve that objective by allowing us to tell the story of Native Americans through themes and images that speak the truth and educate our audiences,” he said.

The channel will also establish another outlet for Native American-produced films and television programs.

“We fully anticipate this unique channel to become a model for public-television programming across the country,” said Larry R. Ciecalone, president of KVCR.