Americans forced to help Mexican Drug Gangs on Border then U.S. Prison   Leave a comment

To fully understand how the Obama Government is allowing Americans to be killed on the Arizona border you must watch this video. American Indians are on the front lines of our border war with Mexico and America.

American Indians are being forced to help Mexican gangs deliver their drugs and human sex slaves into America or be forced to watch their family members be killed or be killed themselves.

Countless American Indians and American citizens are forced into this life just because they cannot get help from our federal government to stand up against these drug gang dirt bags!!

Worse yet, Americans are also being put into U.S. prisons and the federal government know’s these Americans were forced to help the drug gangs!!! This is SICK and our federal government is letting it happen everyday in our country to our America citizens!!!

Take ACTION Americans!!!! Do you JOB!!! CALL Congress!! Write you Congress member and Senator about this BS!!! Demand Congressional hearing!!!! On this issue!!! United WE Stand!!!

Drug War, Indian Tribe Feels Invaded by Both Sides

Post by
Mike Graham, Founder United Native America
Citizen Oklahoma Cherokee Nation And America

Member: Oath Keepers – Guardians of the Republic


Posted July 9, 2010 by mikelgraham in Uncategorized

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